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Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp | PO Box 77 | Nottingham, NH 03290

Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp
formerly Fiddleheads Acoustic Music Camp
September 8-10, 2017
Contoocook, New Hampshire

and more!

Experience Music, Growth, Fun and Friendship

Gain practical experience with a strong emphasis on bands and playing with others. All acoustic instruments are welcome at the camp and teachers are encouraged to attend as well. It may be the best weekend of your year! Learn more about our coaches here.

You'll learn from great teachers how to:
- play with bands
- improvise
- back up others
- train your ear
- expand your styles and playing
- bring out the heart and soul of your playing
- band members can attend our "band masterclass" and learn about arranging, harmony singing, song writing, sound equipment, getting gigs, recording, band dynamics and other topics

September 8-10, 2017
Update Aug. 25: Camp is Full

See Scheduled Workshops Here

Typical Camp Schedule:

Friday, Sept. 8, 2017
3:00 pm Camp, registration is open with early jammin' to celebrate our 20th year!
5:00 pm Registration
7:00 pm Concert
9:00 pm Jammin' into the wee hours

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017
9:00 am Workshops
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Workshops
5:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Band Practice
8:00 pm Band Showcase
9:00 pm More Jammin'

Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017
9:00 am Workshops, Jams, Last Waltz
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Departures

Accommodations and Fees
This is our seventh year at Camp Methodios in Contoocook, NH. We chose this facility for its new and modern buildings. Fiddleheads Camp is a non-religious camp despite the name of the facility.

Download the Methodios Camp and Retreat Center Brochure

Housing and meals are now a separate fee from the workshop tuition at Fiddleheads. We invite you to choose what works best for your budget and weekend time frame. Please choose from the options below and include that price in your payment to us. Please be aware that sleeping accommodations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registrations will get first priority.

All buildings are heated, though we recommend you dress for cool fall weather. Meals are provided as part of your housing cost, but be aware that there is no meal provided on Friday evening when you arrive.

​2017 Camp Registration, Tuition
We offer early registration/tuition discounts:
$170 paid by June 23, $185 paid by July 23, $200 paid by August 23, $215 after August 23*

Registering early saves you money and also helps us with scheduling, hiring, etc. for camp.

*Registering after August 23? Please contact us to check on openings and housing availability.

Download the Fiddleheads Camp 2017 Registration Form

Cancellation Policy: If you find it necessary to cancel your registration, refunds or partial refunds will be made at the discretion of camp organizers.

Day Camper Option
If you live nearby and would like to attend Fiddleheads as a day camper rather than staying overnight, we do offer that option. Your cost would be registration/tuition plus $59 for meals on Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday (lunch) and facilities fee.

Band Masterclass Workshop, Band Discount Learn More
A $15 discount per band member if a full band signs up (at least three people). (Bands must be legitimate, not just friends seeking discounts.) Special attention will be offered on arranging, harmony singing, song writing, sound equipment, getting gigs, recording and band dynamics.

Housing/Meals Options: Choose 1

Retreat House: Package A or B
Hotel-style rooms in brand new facility as of three years ago. Rooms are plush and have full bath and linens included. Must have two people per room and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Package A: 1 night $129. Price includes 4 meals (Sat. lunch and dinner and Sun. breakfast and lunch.)

Package B: 2 nights $199. Price includes 5 meals (3 meals Saturday, 2 meals Sunday.)

Cabins: Package C or D
Modern, well-lit, heated bunk-style cabins, up to 15 people per cabin. Cabins available for men, women, and mixed. These cabins are well-constructed, and have sturdy bunks or singles and good mattresses. Bring your own linens or sleeping bag and pillow.

Package C: 1 night $95 (Sat. night only) Price includes 4 meals.

Package D: 2 nights $134 (Fri and Sat. nights) Price includes 5 meals.

Tent and RV Camping: Package E or F
Limited space for RVs, no hookups, restrooms and showers are in cabins.

Package E: 1 night $79. Price includes 4 meals.

Package F: 2 nights $99 (Friday and Saturday.) Price includes 5 meals.

Calculating Your Cost: (Worksheet)

_____$170-$215 Registration/Tuition (depending upon when you register.)

_____+ Overnight Campers: Housing (Package: A, B, C, D, E, or F amount from above)


_____+ Day Campers: must add $59 facilities and dining fee

_____= Total (Make checks payable to Fiddleheads Acoustic Music Camp)

Registration is important and we do fill up. Unfortunately, many people wait until the week of the camp to sign up. If we can fit you in, we can accept you, but please realize that this makes our plans for scheduling, hiring, housing and meals quite difficult.

Registration Procedure:

1. Download the 2017 registration form
2. Print Form
3. Fill in the requested information
4. Attach fee in the form of check or money order payable to:
     Fiddleheads Acoustic Music Camp
5. Mail registration form and your fee by August 23, 2017 to:

Ellen Carlson
Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp
PO Box 77
Nottingham, NH 03290

Camper Reviews, Things Folks Say About Fiddleheads Camp

"On behalf of our band, I want to thank the coaches for the help they gave us in the 'Band Masterclass.' In a low stress and calm approach they assessed us in an extremely positive manner. Therefore, they not only pointed out things that we could improve upon but also encouraged us to keep going. Their advice was very practical but also stimulated discussion within our band which has enabled us to grow. Each coach also sent each of us an e-mail with their thoughts written out. The time, effort and quality of the e-mails were greatly appreciated. They were detailed and we are able to refer to them from time to time. We appreciate their expertise and their genuine interest in our success. It was a whole lot of worthwhile fun with some really nice people who cared!"
-- Paul, Band Masterclass attendee, Fiddleheads Camp 2016

"I have been to many music camps and music festivals and this one is the most fun, most all inclusive fun fun fun of any. All levels are encouraged and included--the teachers are all top-notch fantastic musicians and great people. Plus, I gain practical tools I can take home. Thank you again!"

"The instructors made you feel comfortable and no question was ever dismissed--each question was respectfully and helpfully addressed."

"Fiddleheads Camp really inspired me, I bring my fiddle everywhere I go now. My new willingness to improvise comes completely from Fiddleheads Camp."

"Right after Fiddleheads Camp I worked very hard on cementing what I had learned about improvisation. Now I like it when I don't know a song. It's a bigger challenge to see if I can guess the next chord! You can see me as one of your successes!"

"A spectacular weekend. Thank you very much!"

"I used to think there was just Classical, Celtic, and Bluegrass. Then at camp I was in a Blues band and also discovered Swing!"

"My circle of musical friends has grown because of Fiddleheads Camp."

"Whatever level you played at you were made to feel comfortable. I learned a great deal of practical music theory that I apply every time I play now. A fabulous weekend."

Review of the camp by Master Musician and Caller Ryan Thompson, 2001

View "Fiddleheads, The Video" by Michele Drew, 2002

Directions to Camp Methodios
329 Camp Merrimac Road,
Contoocook, New Hampshire, 03229

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Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp
PO Box 77
Nottingham, NH 03290
Ph: 603-661-1981
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