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The New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble
The purpose of the orchestra is to provide a place for musicians to learn all the basics of performing and musicianship, both in the traditional manner (learning by ear) and using sheet music. The graduated parts allow musicians of various ability levels to play together 
in harmony.

2013 Franklin Opera House Performance
Below are two videos from the April 2013 performance of the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble.The first is "Reel de Joie" and the second is "It's All Your Fault."

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2012 Franklin Opera House Performance
See the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble performing "My Cape Breton Home," 
"Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further Into the Fire" and "Handsome Molly" at the 
Franklin Opera House, Franklin, New Hampshire, April 2012. Thank you to Chris Mega for recording these videos!
and more!