Early Registration, Tuition Discount Dates for 2020

Attend as an Overnight Camper or a Day Camper

Registering early saves you money and also helps us with scheduling, hiring, etc. for camp.

$185 paid by June 22nd "early bird"

$205 paid by August 14

$225 paid after August 14**

**Registering after August 14, 2020? Please contact us to check on openings and housing availability.

Day Camper Option

If you live nearby and would like to attend JamCamp as a day camper rather than staying overnight, we do offer that option. Your cost would be registration/tuition (price from above) plus $86 for meals on Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday (lunch) and facilities fee.

Band Masterclass Workshop, Band Discount

A $15 discount per band member if a full band signs up (at least three people). (Bands must be legitimate, not just friends seeking discounts.) Special attention will be offered on arranging, harmony singing, song writing, sound equipment, getting gigs, recording and band dynamics. 

Learn more here

Calculating Your Cost: (Worksheet) 2020 Rates

_______ $185 - $225 Registration/Tuition (depending upon when you register.)

_______ + Overnight Campers: Housing (Package: B, C, D, E, or F amount from the housing options)


_______ + Day Campers: must add $86 facilities and dining fee

_______ = Total (Make checks payable to Fiddleheads Acoustic Music Camp)


Registration is important and we do fill up. Unfortunately, many people wait until the week of the camp to sign up. If we can fit you in, we can accept you, but please realize that this makes our plans for scheduling, hiring, housing and meals quite difficult.

Registration Procedure

1. Download a registration form above.

2. Print Form

3. Fill in the requested information

4. Attach fee in the form of check or money order payable to: 

"Fiddleheads Acoustic Music Camp"

5. Mail registration form and your fee by August 14, 2020 to:


Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp

PO Box 77

Nottingham, NH 03290

Cancellation Policy

If you find it necessary to cancel your registration, refunds or partial refunds will be made at the discretion of camp organizers.