The New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble

Our 10th Year!

A community orchestra brought to you by Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp

Welcoming all acoustic instruments and vocalists!

Jane Orzechowski will lead our new rehearsal group in Keene!

2017 Ensemble Photo Credits: NH Children’s Trust and Brian Peterson

Five April 2019 Concerts:

Kittery, Maine and in Bow, Exeter, Franklin and Keene, New Hampshire

It's hard to believe, but it's time for the 2018-2019 New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble. As you may already know, the Orchestra is made up of people of all ages and abilities playing a variety of acoustic instruments. In the 2018 Ensemble we had 100 people ages 8-88, playing fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, harp, cello and more. We all have a great time practicing together through the winter and then we perform together as a group in the five April and May concerts.


Please feel free to join us at one of the Preview rehearsals in November to see if you would like to join this year's Orchestra. Click here to see the list of rehearsal locations and other details.


The NH Fiddle Ensemble is a community training orchestra that teaches all the basics of performing and musicianship, both in the traditional manner (learning by ear) and using sheet music. The graduated parts allow musicians of various ability levels to play together in harmony. The orchestra is open to musicians of all ages and all levels of musicians are welcome. There are different parts for different levels. Beginners should call ahead. We will work on fiddle tunes and sung songs of many styles: American, Irish, Scottish, Swing, Folk, Bluegrass, etc. Both written and downloadable music will be available.


For the younger musicians we will have a Children's Group for kids 8 to 18. Everyone is expected to be at rehearsals and must be committed to practicing their parts on their own. Call ahead (603-661-1981) to discuss your ability level and to request a registration form. Or, you can download a registration form here

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The New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble is brought to you by Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp