Welcoming All Acoustic Musicians!

Fiddleheads JamCamp, A Three-Day Camp Held Each September

Join Us for Music, Learning and Fun!

Jam With Our Faculty and Others from Morning 'Til Late Night

2022 JamCamp Dates: September 9-11, 2022

Keep posted with what is coming for 2022!

The focus of the Fiddleheads Acoustic JamCamp weekend is to teach and inspire musicians to play with each other in various styles--both singing and instrumental--and to experience playing in a band setting. Held in early September each year, camp features hours of jams, workshops and concerts throughout the day. We form bands of various styles, practice playing with others and perform in an energy-filled Saturday evening concert. Jamming of various styles happens Friday and Saturday evenings. From blues to bluegrass, jigs to jazz, cajun to country and more! We hire coaches who are not only good musicians but who are also good teachers and have played in numerous bands of various styles.

Also, we feature guided jams with focus on jamming essentials and techniques (hearing chords, backup, playing in different styles, soloing and more!

Hello Fiddleheads Campers,

We're looking forward to Fiddleheads Camp this year from Sept. 10-12, 2021. See the note below from Kathy who is retiring this year. Melissa is taking over as our co-planner. As many of you know, Melissa fits the bill perfectly and will keep the Fiddleheads spirit going. Kathy will be sorely missed. I have had a great experience working with her, planning, and just hanging out with her. I have learned so much from Kathy and I so look forward to seeing her every year to hang out with at camp. Hopefully she will visit us throughout the upcoming years.

Ellen Carlson

Visit the Wernick Method website below to learn about the OPTIONAL workshop on Friday starting at 10:30am. $75 additional

Welcoming All Bands! Sign Up Together, Save $15 Each

Below are photos from past JamCamps

Camp Methodios, Contoocook, New Hampshire