Band Masterclass

Learn ways to improve your stage and musical presentation


Fiddleheads Jam Camp is one of the few camps that encourages bands to sign up as a group so they can receive direct coaching about their stage and musical presentation from experienced performing musicians. Bands that sign up will prepare two or three songs to be performed at a special Band Masterclass, observed and critiqued by our fabulously talented coaches. The critique focuses on: arranging, harmony singing, song writing, stage presence, sound equipment, use of microphones, getting gigs, recording, band dynamics and more!


Band Masterclass includes:

  • 1.5 hour Masterclass workshop
  • Two or three coaches observe and critique your band
  • Calm and positive presentation
  • Practical advice provided in a low stress environment
  • Stimulate discussion among band members
  • Opportunity to perform for camp, incorporating Masterclass suggestions
  • Coaches have a genuine interest in the success of each band

In addition, bands of three or more members will save $15 per person off their registration fee.



Feedback from a band member:

"In a low stress and calm approach they assessed us in an extremely positive manner. Therefore, they not only pointed out things that we could improve upon but also encouraged us to keep going. Their advice was very practical but also stimulated discussion within our band which has enabled us to grow. Each coach also sent each of us an email with their thoughts written out. The time, effort and quality of the messages were greatly appreciated. They were detailed and we are able to refer to them from time to time. We appreciate their expertise and their genuine interest in our success. It was a whole lot of worthwhile fun with some really nice people who cared!"

- Band Masterclass Attendee