Camper Quotes

 "Amazing instructors! Their enthusiasm is infectious. The Saturday night concert that pushed us past our comfort zones with genuine caring. Still on a "High" from that experience!"

-Camper, 2023


"Fiddleheads Jam Camp - the best classes, the best instructors and the best jams of any camp I've ever attended. Ellen and Melissa have created a supportive, encouraging environment that lets everyone shine. Since joining the Fiddleheads family, I've become a better and more confident musician, and I've developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime."


"Highlights would be the excellent coaches, welcoming atmosphere, guided jams, and the opportunities to perform via the Fiddleheads Band Concert and Open Mic. The food and opening coaches concert were amazing, too!"

-Camper, 2023


"Fiddleheads Camp really inspired me, I bring my fiddle everywhere I go now. My new willingness to improvise comes completely from Fiddleheads Camp."


The coaches are so willing to make the "novices" look and sound good.

-Camper, 2023


"Jam Camp was awesome, very fun! The people were very engaged; I saw a lot of people step out of their comfort zone. The staff is just exemplary, beyond words, really, I saw them do so many cool things that I don't have time to list them all!"


"My circle of musical friends has grown because of Fiddleheads Camp."


"I have been to many music camps and music festivals and this one is the most fun, most all inclusive and fun fun fun! All levels are encouraged and included, the teachers are all top-notch fantastic musicians and great people. Plus, I gain practical tools I can take home."


"The instructors made you feel comfortable and no question was ever dismissed - each question was respectfully and helpfully addressed."


"Fiddleheads is really a finely tuned event!!!! And it is so fun, diverse, personal and nurturing. Looking forward to next year!"

-Camper, 2023


"Whatever level you played at you were made to feel comfortable. I learned a great deal of practical music theory that I apply every time I play now. A fabulous weekend."


"Right after Fiddleheads Camp I worked very hard on cementing what I had learned about improvisation. Now I like it when I don't know a song. It's a bigger challenge to see if I can guess the next chord!"


"I used to think there was just Classical, Celtic, and Bluegrass. Then at Camp I was in a Blues band and also discovered Swing!"


"The most incredible part is all of this camp is how so many different people from different styles, ages and instruments can all get together and share a precious moment in time."

-Camper, 2023


"It's like a 3 day magical tour through a musical utopia."

-Camper, 2023